Malta Society of the Blind


The overall aim of MSB is to enable people to live an independent life of their choice. The impact of vision loss for each individual varies, depending on what they wish to achieve, as well as the type and degree of vision loss they experience. Any service offered to each individual will differ according to one’s needs.


Emotional Support and Practical Support
Helping you deal with your diagnosis and to talk to you about its impact on your life.

We know how difficult it is for you

Our volunteers will be happy to help you and your family understand and accept the new situation as smoothly as possible.

We can guide you

We can also guide you to the places and institutions where you can get additional assistance.


Working collaboratively with you and your family to develop your confidence and skills to get out and about safely and independently. 

Together with your family

We will help you create understanding and support from your family, and learn how to become confident in your environment.


We can help you to learn how to use the white cane properly, so that you become more independent.


Introducing you to technology and aids that can assist you to live more independently.

Information Technology

With the help of volunteers and professionals you will learn about technology that will allow you to independently access information and media.

Technology for everyday life

We can recommend a series of assistive products and gadgets that may help you in everyday situations.


Organizing activities throughout the year to get together and to support each other.

See our Events List.

Getting together

MSB events throughout the year. Lunches, gatherings, outings, walks, and other activities. We try our utmost to help our members get together, support each other and  enjoy the events accompanied by family and friends.

For most events, non-members are welcome to join.

Create awareness

We also participate in various own or third-party initiatives to create awareness for the blind and visually impaired.